The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is an evidence-based, 5 hour listening program based on Dr. Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory. It has been found to improve self-regulation and social engagement in those with anxiety, trauma, social and emotional difficulties, auditory sensitivities and processing difficulties, and stressors that impact social engagement.

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Some Characteristics of People Who May be Helped by SSP:

  • lack of prosody in voice(inflection)
  • poor eye contact and difficulties in social communication
  • blunted facial expressivity
  • difficulties in behavioural state regulation (hypervigilant, anxious, distractible, impulsive, meltdowns, hypoarousal)
  • Compromised vagal regulation (e.g., state regulation, digestive problems)
  • Difficulties in listening, following verbal commands, speech-language delays
  • Sound sensitivities (can be hypersensitive to sound, yet not respond to verbal communication)
  • Oral motor defensiveness (e.g., difficulties with eating, lack of interest in a variety of foods)

What to Expect – Responses/Reactions of Clients to SSP:
Not everyone will have a reaction immediately, or it can be subtle and increase over time.

  • Can show up as improved sleep
  • After 2ndor 3rd hour of listening it is not unusual to be exhausted – this is a positive sign that SSP is working
  • Creates an interest towards end of protocol in voice, sound, and world
  • Increased comfort in the social world
  • Curiosity, greater engagement and successful therapy
  • Greater interest in broader range of food 

How do we help?
Our team of certified SSP practitioners work from a trauma-informed lens to provide clients with a safe and comfortable delivery of the SPP Protocol.

The listening program is ideally designed to be delivered in 5, consecutive 1-hour sessions, ideally over the course of 1-2 weeks. However, each client is unique and modifications to the delivery schedule are made as needed. SSP may be worked into your therapy session (for current clients) or administered as a standalone program. For those engaged in therapy with a clinician external to OCFR that would like to do SSP as an adjunct, we consult with your clinician and work to tailor the SSP experience to your needs.

To find out if this program would be suitable for you or your child, please contact us to speak with a clinician for a complimentary intake.