Divorce is:

  • common (approximately 35-40% of marriages and common-law relationships end in divorce in Canada)
  • impacts all family members
  • can be a major source of stress and include feelings of grief and loss

How do we help?
Our team has particular expertise in supporting families pre- and post-divorce across the spectrum of conflict from amicable to high-conflict. We offer a variety of services to all family members (children, parents, step-parents) impacted by divorce.

CLRA Section 30 Assessments (Custody and Access)
Section 54 Assessments (Parenting Capacity)

Children of divorce (Safe Harbour Therapy)
Co-parenting Post-divorce Support

NOTE: We do not offer reunification interventions for families dealing with parent-child contact problems.

Family Law Consultation

Non-testamentary expert consultation on topics such as: child development, normal child behaviour, child and youth mental health, special needs parenting, resist-refuse dynamics, post-separation child and parent adjustment, and others.

Parenting Plans