Youth involved in the justice system often have experienced multiple Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and often have mental health and/or learning difficulties that have not been well identified or addressed. They can be difficult to engage in services, in part because these are often court-mandated, and require expert clinicians.

How do we help?
We offer a variety of services to youth involved in the justice system and their families:


  • Section 34 Risk/Need Assessments (general and sexual reoffending)
  • Trauma-informed psychodiagnostic assessment
  • Trauma-informed psychoeducational assessment
  • Trauma-informed comprehensive psychological assessment
  • Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) assessment to direct treatment planning

Our team provides evidence-based treatment to young offenders (pre- or post-sentencing and as part of probation conditions) to reduce criminogenic risk factors and address needs with the goal of reducing the risk of reoffending and increasing involvement in prosocial aspects of life.


  • Expert Witness Testimony on attachment, trauma, & child and youth development
  • Trauma-informed program consultation to youth justice facilities and their staff