Dr. Milse Furtado,
C.Psych. (Supervised Practice)

    Dr. Milse Furtado is a registered psychologist in supervised practice with competencies in clinical and neuropsychological work with children and adolescents.

    Dr. Furtado’s clinical and research experience includes neuropsychological assessment and treatment of individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds across the lifespan. She assists those who struggle with difficulties paying attention, remembering things, solving problems, learning, relating to peers and family members, and managing their own behaviour. She also has experience working with and assessing organic and acquired brain disorders including brain tumors, anoxia, strokes, toxins, hypoxia, near drowning, degenerative diseases, etc.

    Through neuropsychological assessment and treatment, Dr. Furtado’s goal is to help parents/caregivers, educators, and health care providers better understand how problems with the brain may relate to problems seen at school, at home, or with peers; understand how a child learns best; understand why a child may have behaviour problems; help a child deal with thinking and behaviour problems; identify neurological or psychiatric problems; and work with parents/caregivers, doctors, and teachers to develop the best treatment and school plan for the child.